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Tracy Anderson - Day 10 Results

Inspired by my friend Sara (BoyGirlDogBlog) I ordered the new workout program by Tracy Anderson, Metamorphosis. It’s this insanely hard and intense workout regime by professional dancer, Tracy Anderson that she has turned into a home DVD. Well, it’s not that hard…I mean it’s hard, but I’m doing it and if you know me, you know I don’t do thinks that are THAT hard. But it’s intense. Even little Dot needs a nap after we’re done. 


Tracy’s technique is different in that she exhausts your large muscle groups so that your smaller muscle groups can jump in and get a workout to help tighten everything up. You workout for 60 minutes, 6 days a week. Half an hour is dance cardio, which is ridiculously hard. I always thought I was a “good dancer” but this gives coordination a whole new definition. I have a new respect for Britney Spears and the like.

The second half hour is muscle structure, which is Tracy’s term for a muscle work out which consists of weird arm movements, standing ab isolations and 50 million leg movements.


Note: If you’re a Tracy Method practicer, this photo should be causing you to feel exhausted right about now!

This muscle structure changes every 10 days and that’s when you weigh in and measure yourself. (Something ever woman loves to do, whether we admit it or not)

So today I did just that and here are my results:

Weight: +1.2 lbs

Arm: Same

Bust: - 1.5”

Waist: - 2.5”

Hips: - 1”

Thigh: Same

Overall I’m, ECSTATIC!! I wasn’t expecting anything really. I know on the infomercial these women are interviewed and talk about how they lose 30 inches overall and who knows if that’s true or not. But here I am, only 10 days in and down 5 inches! I’m 1/9th of the way through the program, since it’s a 90 day process, but I’m excited to see what the next 10 days brings! Maybe in 90 days I’ll look like this!


Right…… Happy Sweating!