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The World According to Windsor

You can’t make this Stuff up…

My sister, Corey, is moving to California next week. She and her roommates started cleaning out the apartment yesterday and had a celebration at the popular local bar, Bulls. Corey’s ex showed up at Bulls with his new fiancé and she handled the uncomfortable situation for about an hour before calling her friend, Anna, to come pick her. They went back to her apartment realizing upon arrival that since they had begun cleaning out the apartment, there were no chairs, no couch, nothing to sit on. They also couldn’t find the remote to the only TV left in the house which happened to be stuck on Shark Week. So they broke into their neighbors’ house because they wanted to watch Jersey Shore and drink a beer. Needless to say when everyone got home from the bar, the neighbors were very confused.

Tonight she and her roommates are bringing over air mattresses to the now empty apartment to sleep on the floor together, one last time and have a covered dish/ Pot Luck supper. Everyone is bringing something, except for Corey, who doesn’t cook. Instead will be bringing wine which she purchased this afternoon from WalMart on my mother’s credit card.

I’ll miss her when she moves to California.

5th Aug 2011 (3:46 pm) - By linfriedrich