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The World According to Windsor

Our day at the Races!

This weekend, Brent and I were able to partake in a perk of my job…being a VIP guest of Coca Cola at the Coke Zero 400 in Dayton Beach. The day started off normal enough; we left the house around 7:00am and headed to Orlando. After checking into the Loews Royal Pacific Resort we headed off on a chartered bus packed with margaritas, wine and of course Coke products. First up on the agenda was a “Tailgate Activity” in the parking lot. What our host wasn’t counting on was that the “activity” portion of the afternoon would consist of all 30 of his VIP guest crawling through the Emergency Exit window of the charter bus we took to the race because the door would not open. Thank god I decided on black Bermuda shorts and not the white ones I was eyeing, since the window sill was covered in black grease. Gross!

Yes, this really happened…

Tents were set up, food brought out and beers opened….then the parking authority showed up with 3 service trucks and 8 men to try to get the bus door open. That took a good hour or so. Brent was thoroughly enjoying himself…can’t you tell?!


After everyone had eaten and had a drink we headed to the Sprint Fan Zone down at the track. It was exciting to walk on the track (which is at a crazy steep angle, who knew??), see the cars and the best part was the concert given by Martina McBride on the infield. Love her!


After the concert our group was picked up and transferred to the Superstretch Suites where more food and drink awaited our arrival. The Suite was nice, decorated in Coke paraphernalia and had a sweet view of the entire track. The cars were crazy loud, I mean, louder than anything I’ve ever heard, and as boring as Nascar is to watch at home on the Sunday afternoon, it was pretty exciting and went by faster than I thought it would.

We had a really great time and saw a lot of really interesting people….


Special thanks to our host for the day, Mr. Michael Cantrell (even though you don’t read my blog, I’m still going to give you props) and next year I’m going to be looking out for my invite to the Derby. Ha!